Healthy Habits Daily Tracker

Healthy Habits Daily Tracker

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The Healthy Habits Tracker from One Degree Health will help you get your health from where you are to where you want to be with our Daily 9 micro-habits.

We developed My Daily 9(TM) after witnessing the incredible success our clients were getting from simply implementing these nine habits every day. And now you can use these same nine micro-habits to kickstart your wellness journey!

Each tracker is a sticky pad with a magnet backing so you can have your daily habits visible where ever you go. Each sheet is 4 x 6 inches so you can stick your weekly sheet on your laptop, on your desk, on your wall - and each pad has a magnet so you can keep the tracking pad visible on your fridge or magnetic board.  


1 Healthy Habits Tracker pad will help you (or the lucky recipient) make healthier habits over 6 months. ($15/each)

2 Healthy Habits Tracker pads: Get one for yourself and one for your partner, friend, co-worker - or keep it for yourself for a year's worth of healthier habit tracking. ($12.50/each)

Bundle & Save! Get 5 and give them as gifts! These Healthy Habit Tracker pads make an excellent gift and stocking stuffer. ($10/each)

Each pad contains 25 pages - and will last 6 months if used as designed. 

$1 from each pad sold will be donated to charitable organizations that help those with food insecurities.